Our Dealings with Lancashire's Local Authority
2008 - 2009 Home educators in Lancashire were hopeful that the Council's Task Group would herald a better relationship with the local authority.
June 2010 A group is formed with the aim of liaising with the LA. It is open for any home educator in Lancashire to join.
July 2010 On 3rd July the group wrote to Maureen Davenport, Head of LEIS (the dept which included EHE officers at the time), to introduce the group, ask about the forum and send our comments about the LA's Protocols document.
Sept 2010 After not receiving a response from Mrs Davenport, the group decided to send a formal complaint to Helen Denton, Executive Director for Children and Young People, about the LA's EHE Protocols document and the attitude shown by LA officers towards home educators on some occasions.
Oct 2010 We received a response to the complaint from Mrs Davenport which produced different versions of the 'same' letters.
The DfE contacted the LA about CRB checks being carried out on HE families.
Nov 2010 We wrote to the Council's Complaints Appeal Panel requesting that we proceed to the 2nd stage of the formal complaints procedure.
Four members of our group met with Bob Stott and 2 members of his staff.
Dec 2010 Bob Stott wrote to us following our meeting.
Yet another delay due to a mix-up by the authority with our complaint.
Feb 2011 One member of our group has been trying to get information about the new structure.
March 2011 Our papers have been submitted and we've received the LA's. Now just got to wait for the panel meeting on the 28th March.
Surrey have announced a complete re-write of their EHE policies to bring them in-line with current law and national guidelines.
April 2011 Success ! The Council Complaints Panel have upheld our complaint.
The Government is listening to home educators.
May 2011 Graham Stuart blasts Lancashire LA in Parliament
How can the LA justify doorstepping innocent families ?
June 2011 Education Scrutiny Committee meeting and socialisation
Continued Silence from the LA
The behaviour of some EHE officers appears to have worsened
Job Advert for EHE Support Officer
July 2011 Conflation of Education and Safeguarding
Council's internal audit of EHE
Aug 2011 What Consultation ?
We've received the EHE Audit documents and they raise more concerns about what actually goes on within the EHE department
Oct 2011 Good news : we have a consultation
Bad news : it's unbelievably bad - badly planned, badly organised & badly executed and that's before looking at the document itself !
What to say about the Protocols document.... erm, it's hard to know where to start. Anyone got a shredder ?
Missing documents
Nov 2011 Success! The LA have agreed to hold a meeting.
Dec 2011 By the deadline, the LA had received over 80 responses but still intended to rush the final step.
Jan 2012 Visit to Sheffield to find out about their practices
Feb 2012 When is Lancashire CC going to show home educators any respect?
The new protocols are out and what an improvement !

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